The Lawrence Children’s Choir

The Lawrence Children’s Choir provides the opportunity to experience musical excellence and to develop positive character qualities in any student with the desire to sing.

Musical excellence is provided through age-appropriate choral music, including, for our upper choirs, challenging works by master composers; musicianship training in vocal technique; the inspiration and joy of shared musical harmony; and the fulfillment that comes from public performance.

We believe that aspiring to excellence develops the positive character traits of persistence, honesty, responsibility, stamina, courage, cooperation, and self-discipline.

“The Lawrence Children’s Choir represents everything that is wonderful about choral singing, and they do so as one of the best choirs in the country.” – Dr. Tim Sharp as Executive Director of the American Choral Director’s Association

Capo Choir
  • Capo Choir

  • Capo (Cah-poh) is the preschool age program that provides a fun, engaging, and interactive choir experience for the preschool set of Lawrence! Children ages three years to five are[...]
  • Cadenza

  • Cadenza is the perfect choir experience for children in grades 1, 2, and 3. Through our welcoming atmosphere, even the most hesitant singer is encouraged to enjoy the fun of mak[...]
  • Choristers

  • Choristers is a training choir to prepare students in 3rd to 6th grade for the more serious commitments of the Tour Choir as well as middle school and high school choirs. In this[...]
Tour Choir
  • Tour Choir

  • The Tour Choir is our most recognized choir, and consists of 60-70 singers in the 5th – 10th grades who demonstrate advanced abilities. Mrs. Carolyn Welch is the Artistic Dir[...]
Ambassador Choir
  • Ambassador Choir

  • The Ambassador Choir is comprised of our most distinguished 8th-10th grade singers. This select group of singers is chosen after an audition process based on demonstration of advan[...]

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