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2020 Carolyn Welch Headshot

Carolyn Welch

2020 Cinnamon Ramer Headshot

Cinnamon Ramer

2020 Emily Metzger Headshot

Emily Metzger

2020 Kelli Baker Headshot

Kelli Baker

2020 Katherine Stoltenberg Mug

Katherine Stoltenberg

2020 Lindsay Taylor Hatfield Mug

Lindsay Taylor Hatfield

2020 Sara Bonner Mug

Sara Bonner

2020 Holly Page Mug

Holly Page

2020 Erin Crabb Zipper Headshot

Erin Crabb Zipper

2020 Joyce Jordan Headshot

Joyce Jordan

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Lawrence Children's Choir, Inc.
PO Box 4173
Lawrence, KS 66046

(785) 331-4662


The Lawrence Children’s Choir provides children and youth the opportunity to experience musical excellence and cultural enrichment through choral music.

Choir members experience age-appropriate choral music of the highest quality; musicianship training; vocal technique; the inspiration and joy of shared musical harmony; and the fulfillment that comes from public performance.