LCC, 2020-2021: WE HAVE A PLAN!



1) We plan to be online for the entire year.  Group singing appears to require even stricter safety protocols than most other in-person activities. If circumstances change, we may decide to go in-person for the second semester.
2) Instead of having five choirs next year (Capo, Cadenza, Choristers, Tour and Ambassador), we will have three: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. We will take all interested 2nd - 12th graders, and placement will be determined by experience and ability, with some consideration given to age and grade in school.
3) Each singer will have one 40-minute zoom class with 5-7 other singers weekly, during which we will rehearse music for a performance, form social connections, sight-read, vocalize, learn some music theory, listen to great performances, support each other's progress and play some games. In addition to the weekly zoom class, each singer will receive weekly individual singing feedback from a director.
4) Zoom sessions will be scheduled Monday mornings and Monday evenings, and if those times fill up we will add additional days/times, beginning with Tuesday evenings.
5) There will be two 16-week semesters: mid-August to mid-December, and early January to the end of April. Each semester will conclude with an online concert of choir music.
6) All singers will participate in a public service project (for example, song and story times for young children via zoom).  Our weekly zoom sessions will encourage social interaction and the development of community in addition to instruction and rehearsal.
7) Tuition will be $20 per week. A semester-long commitment will be expected. As always, need-based scholarships will be available.
8) Many of last year's singers have been assigned to one of the three choirs. For others, and for new singers, arrangements will be made to place members in a choir via a quick zoom or FaceTime call with a director.
9) Singers will need the following:
  • - A laptop or tablet such as an iPad
  • - Headphones
  • - Internet access
10) We have thought long and hard about how to continue to provide a great singing/choral experience for our community's young singers under the new circumstances. While we won't be able to have the in-person, joyful, packed-onto-the-choral-riser rehearsals, retreats and concerts, we will still gather together to sing and laugh, learn music, grow as singers, put our voices together, and reach out to others with powerful, beautiful music.
I hope you will join us and invite your friends (they don't even need to live in Kansas)!  We need each other and music now more than ever!
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Carolyn Welch, Artistic Director
(785) 331-4662

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The Lawrence Children’s Choir provides children and youth the opportunity to experience musical excellence and cultural enrichment through choral music.

Choir members experience age-appropriate choral music of the highest quality; musicianship training; vocal technique; the inspiration and joy of shared musical harmony; and the fulfillment that comes from public performance.