Job Announcement

Position Description: Executive Director

Lawrence Children’s Choir

Application deadline: April 15, 2017


Responsible for the effective management of all Lawrence Children’s Choir (LCC) operations. Works in close partnership with the LCC Board and the Artistic Director to ensure that LCC meets its strategic objectives, serves its member families, enhances its financial health, and realizes its stated mission. Reports to the LCC Board.

Position is approximately 3/4-time in the aggregate, with seasonal fluctuations. Outside of scheduled meetings, rehearsals, and events, hours are generally flexible. LCC tuition remission is provided for incumbent’s dependents who participate in LCC choirs.


1. Manages the business affairs, administrative staff, and ongoing projects of the organization.

  • Individually and/or in partnership with the executive staff and Board, represents LCC in the full scope of business, artistic, PR/marketing, and resource development activities.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of the LCC Board and assists the Board with strategic planning, meeting scheduling and materials, director succession, governance, and other board activities.
  • Maintains all LCC business records, policies, handbooks, procedures, etc.
  • Oversees all human resources activities for the organization.  Advises the Board on staffing needs and policies, follows established hiring practices, maintains job descriptions, coordinates staff meetings, conducts annual reviews of assigned staff, etc.

2. In close collaboration with the LCC Board Treasurer, Finance Committee, and external accounting professionals, manages and monitors the organization’s budget and finances. Maintains all official business records for LCC.

  • Recommends annual and long-term budget, resource development, and fundraising objectives to the LCC Board.
  • Responsible for all grant writing and grant compliance.
  • Provides overall guidance and support for resource development/fund-raising staff and activities to ensure goals are achieved.
  • Manages payables and receivables (tuition, operating expenses, payroll and payroll tax compliance, etc.), banking arrangements, audits, budget reporting, etc.

3. Serves as the primary organizational and administration contact for the parents and publics of LCC. Responsible for member/parent/volunteer communication and engagement.

  • In partnership with the Artistic Director, coordinates enrollment efforts for all choirs to ensure membership objectives are achieved.
  • Engages parents as parent organization officers and volunteers; ensures that all parent-supported activities are adequately resourced.
  • Coordinates regular/weekly communication with parents and handles individual matters (payment delinquency, attendance issues, etc.) with parents.
  • Secures and coordinates rehearsal spaces/arrangements and ensures attendance tracking support for all choirs.
  • Prepares/updates annual calendar in conjunction with the Artistic Director; ensures effective calendar communication to members and parents throughout the year.
  • Serves as primary staff for choir “office” during weekly rehearsals.

4. Oversees all LCC major events (such as those listed below), working in close partnership with LCC staff, event leaders, members, parent volunteers, and community stakeholders as needed to ensure events achieve expected outcomes. Assists event leaders in planning, communication, execution, and post-event evaluation.

  • Concerts and special performances
  • Rehearsals and choir events
  • Choir tours
  • Major fund-raising events and annual campaign

5. Other duties as assigned.


  • Proven leadership experience in a non-profit organization, including the full range of financial, administrative, human resources, planning, and marketing/PR responsibilities
  •  Grant writing and grant management experience
  • Strong influencing, delegation, and collaboration skills
  • Proven ability to attract and engage volunteers
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Proficiency with standard office productivity tools (MS Office suite, for example)
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle for choir errands and business
  • Private office space suitable for home-based employment and storage of LCC files and records, including internet access

Other: Computer, internet service, and mobile phone for business use will be provided

How to apply:

To apply, electronically submit a cover letter and a copy of your resume to the LCC Board at


For additional information or questions about the Lawrence Children’s Choir, email the LCC Board at