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Fall 2019 Rehearsal Tracks: Choristers

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Fall 2019 Rehearsal Tracks: Tour Choir

Part 1A

(Dakota, Ava L, Ava C, Olivia G, Ashlee W, Piper P, Ella L, Anna K, Taylor, Brooke, Perry B, Alicia, Aubrey, Piper B, Sam, Carolyn, Ben, Ava T, Joy, Ruby, Isabella, Elliot)

1A: At Skinner’s Hill

1A: Believe

1A: Halle, Hallelujah

1A: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

1A: Regina Angelorum

1A: Run, Rudolph, Run

1A: Sing

1A: Slumber, Come Softly

1A: Stabat Mater #1: Dolorosa

1A: Winter’s Cold


Part 1B

(Karsyn, Gabi, Natalie, Madeline, Tilly)

1B: At Skinner’s Hill

1B: Believe

1B: Halle, Hallelujah

1B: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

1B: Regina Angelorum

1B: Run, Rudolph, Run

1B: Sing

1B: Slumber, Come Softly

1B: Stabat Mater #1: Dolorosa

1B: Winter’s Cold

Part 2B

(Caroline, Catherine, Julia K, Olivia D, Andrew, Malakai, Vivian, Kaelyn)

2B: At Skinner’s Hill

2B: Believe

2B: Halle, Hallelujah

2B: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

2B: Regina Angelorum

2B: Run, Rudolph, Run

2B: Sing

2B: Slumber, Come Softly

2B: Stabat Mater #1: Dolorosa

2B: Winter’s Cold

Part 2C

(Julia R, Lindsey, Violet, Mason, Riley, Tatum, Skye, Ashton)

2C: At Skinner’s Hill

2C: Believe

2C: Halle, Hallelujah

2C: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

2C: Regina Angelorum

2C: Run, Rudolph, Run

2C: Sing

2C: Slumber, Come Softly

2C: Stabat Mater #1: Dolorosa

2C: Winter’s Cold

Part 3C

(Dailynn, Delaney, Nathaniel, MK)

3C: At Skinner’s Hill

3C: Believe

3C: Halle, Hallelujah

3C: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

3C: Regina Angelorum

3C: Run, Rudolph, Run

3C: Sing

3C: Slumber, Come Softly

3C: Stabat Mater #1: Dolorosa

3C: Winter’s Cold

Part 3D

(Salam, Jake, Emma, LaNiyah, Zora, Georgia, Evie, Mason, Liliana, Dumebi, Jack, Max)

3D: At Skinner’s Hill

3D: Believe

3D: Halle, Hallelujah

3D: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

3D: Regina Angelorum

3D: Run, Rudolph, Run

3D: Sing

3D: Slumber, Come Softly

3D: Stabat Mater#1: Dolorosa

3D: Winter’s Cold

Solo/Ensemble Opportunities:

Solos in “Sing” (9th and 10th graders eligible to audition)

Descant in “Run, Run, Rudolph”

Ambassador Choir Rehearsal tracks

Ambassador Choir sections of “Sing”


1A: In the Bleak Midwinter

1A: Old Fox Wassail

1A: Trouble, Fly

1A: Woodsmoke & Oranges


1B: In the Bleak Midwinter

1B: Old Fox Wassail

1B: Trouble, Fly

1B: Woodsmoke & Oranges


2B: In the Bleak Midwinter

2B: Old Fox Wassail

2B: Trouble, Fly

2B: Woodsmoke & Oranges


2C: In the Bleak Midwinter

2C: Old Fox Wassail

2C: Trouble, Fly

2C: Woodsmoke & Oranges


3C: In the Bleak Midwinter

3C: Old Fox Wassail

3C: Trouble, Fly

3C: Woodsmoke & Oranges


3D: In the Bleak Midwinter

3D: Old Fox Wassail

3D: Trouble, Fly

3D: Woodsmoke & Oranges


Spring 2020 Rehearsal Tracks: Tour Choir

Part 1A

1A: Hold Fast to Dreams

1A: Lineage

1A: Mouse Madrigal

1A: Niska Banja

1A: No Time

1A: Shosholoza

1A: Stabat Mater #2: Inflamatus

1A: Trouble, Fly

1A: Why Not?

Part 1B

1B: Hold Fast to Dreams

1B: Lineage

1B: Mouse Madrigal

1B: Niska Banja

1B: No Time

1B: Shosholoza

1B: Stabat Mater #2: Inflamatus

1B: Trouble, Fly

1B: Why Not?

Part 2B

2B: Hold Fast to Dreams

2B: Lineage

2B: Mouse Madrigal

2B: Niska Banja

2B: No Time

2B: Shosholoza

2B: Stabat Mater #2: Inflamatus

2B: Trouble, Fly

2B: Why Not?

Part 2C

2C: Hold Fast to Dreams

2C: Lineage

2C: Mouse Madrigal

2C: Niska Banja

2C: No Time

2C: Shosholoza

2C: Stabat Mater #2: Inflamatus

2C: Trouble, Fly

2C: Why Not?

Part 3C

3C: Hold Fast to Dreams

3C: Lineage

3C: Mouse Madrigal

3C: Niska Banja

3C: No Time

3C: Shosholoza

3C: Stabat Mater #2: Inflamatus

3C: Trouble, Fly

3C: Why Not?


Part 3D


3D: Hold Fast to Dreams

3D: Lineage

3D: Mouse Madrigal

3D: Niska Banja

3D: No Time

3D: Shosholoza

3D: Stabat Mater #2: Inflamatus

3D: Trouble, Fly

3D: Why Not?



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