Why should you support Lawrence Children’s Choir?

3 Reasons to Support Lawrence Children’s Choir

1. You will change a child’s life … forever.

Studies show that when children participate in choirs like the Lawrence Children’s Choir, they become better citizens, excel academically, and develop the kind of personal traits that make them positive leaders within the community. Over $14,000 in scholarships are awarded annually to ensure that all children can sing – regardless of financial circumstances.

2. You will improve our community.

LCC knits our community together by giving us a shared sense of pride. Representing the cultural demography of Lawrence and almost all the area grade schools, junior highs, and high schools, LCC’s exceptional choral education supplements school programs and provides opportunities for children where vocal training is not offered.

3. You will draw praise for Lawrence from audiences around the world.

LCC’s Capo, Cadenza, and Crescendo intergenerational program was honored with the 2012 Chorus America Outreach Award for having the best collaborative choral program in the nation.

“The Lawrence Children’s Choir represents everything that is wonderful about choral singing, and they do so as one of the best choirs in the country.”–Dr. Tim Sharp, Executive Director of the American Choral Directors Association